Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Mother’s Day tribute and wonderful gifts for Moms

Thanks to my article on the amazing story of Joy tan-Chi Mendoza, I had a LOT of new people on my Facebook page and who followed me on Networked Blogs.  Most of these are women, and they’re mothers, I presume.  Firstly, to my new friends, thank you for liking the content here, and I hope that one day you can bring your husbands to this site as well (as Lessons of A Dad is geared mostly to them). 

Secondly, since Mother’s Day is around the corner, and it's Throwback Thursday (at least here in the Philippines), allow me to honor you with a throwback Mother’s Day tribute and give you a list of wonderful gifts for moms. 

This is a throwback Mother’s Day tribute because I’m about to show you an older video of my eldest daughter, Lynn, and three of her talented friends as they sang Yeng Constantino’s hit, Salamat in honor of the mothers in the congregation of our church (sorry my non-Filipino friends, you won’t be able to understand the lyrics of the beautiful song). 

Indeed, advanced Happy Mother’s Day to the most wonderful women in our lives.  Gentlemen, use this time to pamper both your mother and the mother of your children.  One way to do that is to buy beautiful gifts for them from  

 In fact, they have some really awesome promos for such an occasion, and there’s still time to buy some great items to show moms how much you care.  I’m gonna show some links below.

My mom is a bookworm, and there are indeed some wonderful books for moms.  I shall list many of them below, so feel free to check them out.  All of these are kindle versions, as most of my readership is from the Philippines, where I live, and many of the books are not available on these shores (but Kindle wireless deliveries nullify that problem).  Of course, you can easily just click a link on their page if you’re still into the look and feel (and smell) of paper books.

Simply click on the book's image to go to its description.  

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  1. oh.... what a lovely tribute.... I can relate to you guys... I love my mother, and I am working for her.... despite the fact that she can't walk straight like the years ago... Love your mother..and your father too :D

  2. I am a mom of 2 and my husband always forgets to get me something for mother's day but its no longer a big deal for me.

  3. Thanks for sharing. A must read for all. Many lessons to share with your friends especially your family.

  4. An endearing tribute. This will the first time I will be celebrating Moms Day without my dear mother around. She passed away just last March 5.

  5. Books would be nice gifts to moms on Mothers Day as this could give them a lot of insights and leisure time.

  6. My mom isn't so much into beauty related thingsso my sisters and I decided to go to a restaurant with her and my dad because she loooooves good food and going to restaurants with her family. and because she doesn't often have the time to do that she'll be very happy about that gift, I'm sure! ~ Jessica T.


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