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Bring your teen to B.E.A.T.S. a Christmas party by a great crowd

One of my favorite verses on parenting, and you’ve seen it here before, is Luke 2:52.  It’s the last verse of Jesus’s childhood, and it says this:

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, in favor with God and man.”  

From a parenting standpoint, we are to do our part in growing our kids “in wisdom” (intellectually), “and stature” (physically), “in favor with God” (spiritually) “and man” (socially).  Like four legs of a chair, if one "leg" is broken, the chair cannot stand, no matter how robust the others are.

Most parents spend their hard-earned money on the best schools so that their kids will grow intellectually.  All my kids are also bookworms, because my wife and I have read to them when they were young.  They can devour books hundreds of pages thick in a mere day.

I’m disappointed that not every home does this, but we in the house eat lots of veggies and make it a point to train our kids to do so as well, so that they will be grow physically.  They also come from a long line of good athletes, and so they participate in sports to build strength and discipline (particularly my eldest and my youngest, both are excellent soccer players).

I also hope that parents are successful in teaching their kids about manners, being kind to others (especially the needy), and to be responsible, so that they can grow socially.  I’m glad that the school I bring my kids to has something called “practical life” to teach these to the students.

But how about growing our kids spiritually?  How do we do that?

For one, we do devotions at home.  I used to lead this, but sadly I haven’t been doing that well in that area lately.  Thank God my mom has picked up my slack and has been discipling her granddaughters, doing an excellent job, I might add.

My children also LOVE the excellent NxtGen program at the place where we worship.  I make it a point to model to them a man who loves God by serving as a Lifeshaper (NxtGen volunteer).

But my eldest is not a kid anymore.  She’s an adolescent…and this article is geared to inform fellow parents of teens, especially those living in the Cagayan de Oro area, of an excellent way to grow their teens spiritually. 

What I’m talking about is to encourage your teen to be involved in a youth ministry.  The one where my daughter goes, JZone Elevate, has done wonders for her, and she’s so passionate about it.  It’s fun.  It’s full of camaraderie.  It’s age appropriate.  And, best of all, it very excellent shows teenagers the love of Christ in a way that speaks their language.  

JZone Elevate CDO doesn’t have a video of what they do, but the main JZone Elevate in Manila just celebrated their anniversary.  Here’s a recap video of their celebration, so that you can get  a feel of what your teen will experience in an JZone gig.

If you’re interested to have your teen come, then you’re in luck.  This Saturday, JZone Elevate CDO will have their annual Christmas party.  Named B.E.A.T.S. (Because Everything’s About The Savior), the party is sure gonna be crazy fun, but it will impact as well...and first timers never leave as the same person they were when they walked in.  There’s games, music, and lots and lots of food.  AND ALL OF THAT IS FOR FREEEEEEEEEE!

My daughter is practicing hard on the guitar because she’s gonna present something.  Too bad I’ll miss it since I’ll be in a school activity.  But, hey, if your teen doesn’t enjoy any group or community like this, then feel free to come by.

Here’s some pictures of my daughter and some other JZoners.

They develop a strong hunger for God's word

Lynn (middle) and the rest of the JZone singers.

This is such a BEAUTIFUL song.  One of my favorites.

Rocking out!
It's beyond music and lights; but...I love the music and lights.

Adonai...another favorite song of mine.

This is from a "love" event...teaching girls what real love is.

Kuya Chad: JZone Elevate's leader

Soul'd Out Camp reunion 2011: Lynn, Charissa, and Julia Angelica

The beautiful girls of ALL IN youth camp 2012

ALL IN campers: over 220 teenagers in all
By the way, a couple of my articles serve as testimonials on what youth ministry can do to a teen:

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