Friday, October 5, 2012

Lifeshapers assemble! Let's give the kids another great time in church!!

To my awesome and supremely talented Lifeshaper team, it is our turn to once again host Kids’ Church this coming Sunday!  Let’s put our best foot forward and make sure our kids have so much fun they don’t wanna leave church! 

For those of you who live in the Philippines, I would like to invite you to visit any CCF church (I go to CCF-Cagayan de Oro) and have your children experience what a church should be: learning about God’s love and having a wonderful time doing so! 

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain.

A Lifeshaper is a volunteer in CCF’s Children’s Ministry (AKA Kids’ Church).  We train and work mighty hard to give the absolute best church experience to your child.  We do so through an entertaining variety show format that includes skits (my team tends to put extra hilarity in these), games, action songs, Bible memory drills, and other ways to make learning about God unforgettable.

My awesome team in action!
I have the privilege of leading one of eight Lifeshaper teams (my teammates include my mom, my eldest daughter, and my co-worker in the school I work for) and we rotate in our service to the kids in all 3 worship services of CCF-CDO (8am, 10am, and 12nn) for two classes (3-6 years old and 7-12 years old).  It takes a whole lot of work to put this together, and we end up totally exhausted at the end of the day…but the kids make it so worth it!

Allow me to show you some pictures of other teams in action, as well as some pictures of my own team.  If you like what you see, then join us this Sunday and watch me make a fool of myself for the glory of God, haha (if you live in another Philippine city, you can find a CCF church here).

3-6 class about to dance

Story time!  Kids are glued
The devil sees an unsuspecting potential victim.  Mwahaha!!  (Skits are a huge part of the deal)
The best way to aid the kids in memorizing the Bible verse is to put it in action

JZone youth volunteer to lead children in small groups.  This usually ends the class for them.
My daughter, Lynn, discipling two young children
Praying with the 3-6 girls
Young men mentoring boys

It's adorable faces like these that make all the hard work so worth it!

Oh, here's a video my friend and fellow blogger (and fellow Lifeshapers teammate) took during our training.  It's embarrassing since you'll see me do kids' action songs, but it shows the dance portion of the Kids Church.  Two songs were covered in the vid, Friend of God and Every Move I Make.  One person is doing different moves because she's doing the toddler class, everyone else demonstrates the "big kids" moves.

See you this Sunday?  We're just across the Mallberry Hotel car park entrance.


  1. you are doing a great work! i encourage you to continue training the next generation brother! :)

    i am from GCF - Santa Rosa :)

  2. To God be the Glory! Keep doing what you do, brother!

  3. Great job being a parent! And great job for bringing the children closer to God and enriching their spiritual lives. God Bless!

  4. Praising God is an awesome deed and it is best to share it to the kids and it is a good thing that you are into this, goodluck and God Bless.

  5. that's really awesome, i miss those days in Philippines that we have the same gathering in order to share how God is so wonderful in our lives, way too different here in other culture...glad for sharing this..makes me think of home..happy weekend

  6. Wow, keep up the good work! It's rare to find organizations like the one you are attending.

  7. this is great, God bless your ministry Brother... more power and more strength to go on, this country needs people like you :) dropping by :)

  8. nice...that's really what they say...teach them young!

  9. GOood job! That's really a great work especially for kids. Keep it up!!!

  10. awww! wtg Brother :-) you have a good heart and may GOD continue to bless you to give inspiration to other especially for the young generation

  11. keep up the good work bro..i miss those days where i am active in my hometown teaching catechism

  12. That's a wonderful act of kindness! Keep it up1

  13. Aw, that's a nice way to train the kids while they are young about GOD. We used to do the same thing back in Cebu and quite sad that even to my kids I haven't continue the same practise, but it's never too late, I should pursue and encourage them to know GOD and go to the church at least once a week. Finding the church is the first thing first or simply start them at home.

  14. Wow that is a cool thing you do keep it up. I did similar like that before when I was in the Philippines and it was fun..

  15. cool. it's been a long since the last time i've organized such events for kids in our church, t'was definitely an awesome experience for both the organizers and the kids.. :)

    cheers for sharing :)

  16. kids these days need to be guided with spiritual things because they are vulnerable to world's peer pressure. it's good to know that you guys put a lot of effort to gather kids together and instill good values to them and teach them about God

  17. Nice work! Keep it up and encourage more young ones :-)

  18. Praise God for your heart to lead kids to God. May God bless you more and all the Lifeshapers!


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