Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Manila is flooded, and here’s how you (and we, Mindanaoans) can help

It’s like Typhoon Ondoy all over again, with much of Manila totally flooded leaving thousands homeless. 

Our own struggle with Typhoon Sendong is still vivid in our minds, and a huge part of that vivid memory is how Manila has swiftly rushed to our aid in our darkest days. 

It is only right that we give back.

Pic by @likke

So, I’m going to paste some information on how we can give back the love and support that they have given us.  First, I’ll post how those from far away can bring much needed funds.  Then, I’ll post how we who live in Cagayan de Oro and other parts of northern Mindanao can do our part to help.  Deal?

Cash and online donations:

The main CCF church (we go to the CCF in Cagayan de Oro) accepts donations in both paypal and cash.  They’ll certainly put it to good use.

Cash Donation:

Account Number: 270060731
Account Name: Uplift Movement Foundation, Inc.
Branch: BDO West Avenue, Quezon City
Please text the details of your deposit to 09328876797.

Online Donation:

Paypal (kindly select "Flood victims"): http://wp.me/PXDjP-3q

Direct Bank Deposit: http://wp.me/PXDjP-3s
(Direct Bank Deposits, also fill out this form so we know that it's for relief operations: http://wp.me/PXDjP-F)

You can also donate cash and relief goods by visiting the nearest LBC outlet.

As for those of us who live in Cagayan de Oro, if you want to give relief goods, please see the following blog post


It's only right to help our Manila brothers and sisters at this dark time.  They did so with us.

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