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If you’re a parent of grade school children and you live in the Philippines, you might wanna read this post.

My body is exhausted, my voice is hoarse, I’m dehydrated, and I’m extremely sleep deprived…but it’s all for something wonderful, and if you’re a parent of grade school children and you live in the Philippines, you might wanna read this post.

I showed the following video to you earlier this year, but I’d like to invite you to take a look at it again because it’s related to the rest of my post.  It’s a video of a wonderful kids event called Main Street that I took part in earlier this year.  Pls see it in its entirety before you read the rest of my post.

Since then, NxtGen, the Children’s Ministry of the church I go to, CCF-Cagayan de Oro, has really taken off (as well as all the CCF churches in the Philippines, which I will explain later).  The reason why I showed you the above video is because I believe that the kids who go to said church now are lucky recipients of that kind of quality—and ridiculously fun—experience  every Sunday.

Can you imagine if your child gets this kind of format every Sunday when he or she goes to church?  I don’t know in your church, but in most of the churches this country, the kids are dragged to the house of worship where they are bored silly and don’t learn much anything.  Even worse, the child would then equate going to church with tedium and boredom.  I’ve seen it way too many times.

While our children’s ministry was never in dire straits, it really leveled up when we were subject to the great Lifeshapers training on the last weekend of July.  The main CCF church in Manila has been using an effective curriculum for a while now, and the recent thrust of the church’s top leadership is that all CCF churches all over the country would have the same kind of program.

No matter if you worship in CCF Davao, CCF Cebu, CCF Malaybalay, CCF Illigan, wherever a CCF church is found, your child will surely be greeted by a Lifeshapers team dedicated to, well, shape his or her life.  Good deal?

Well, my team was the first Lifeshapers team up, just less than 6 days of preparation after the training.  We really had to double time, and it was a grind.

However, when you hear the gleeful shouts of the kids, watch them as they pray, and fight back tears as they worship with everything they have (today’s lesson was about how worshipping God should be from the heart, not forced), you’ll see it was all worth it.

To show what I mean here's a Lifeshaper appreciation video taken at a different CCF church somewhere else

Those of you who have grade school or younger kids and have not seen a Lifeshaper team in action yet, I suggest you give us a try.  We’re located in Papa Juanito’s Square, just across the street of the Mallberry entrance.  Each team will give their all in 3 worship services: 8am, 10am, 12nn.

If you’re already worshiping in CCF, I strongly, strongly encourage you to consider serving NxtGen by volunteering to becoming a Lifeshaper.  The population has constantly been growing, but as the kids have excitedly told and invited neighbors, cousins, classmates, etc. about NxtGen and Lifeshapers, the population could and likely will explode, and we have to be able to serve them.

I especially implore the men.  Young boys of this day and age generally lack a good male role model.  They need you badly.  (Not to mention that most Bible characters are male, so skits can look plenty awkward with a predominantly female cast).  I’m a male Lifeshaper, and am darn proud of it.

Another reason why it’s also great to volunteer as a Lifeshaper, as if shaping the lives of youngsters is not enough, is that you’d also grow.  Here’s evidence, a blog entry of one of my team members (who’s also a blogger).  Check it out.

So, as I try to recover from the crazy hectic schedule of being the first Lifeshaper team to serve the kids (we're up every first Sunday of the month, so our next foray into the crazy world of Children's Ministry would be Sept. 2), I praise God for the wonderful things he is doing in NxtGen.  I can’t wait to see what the end of the year would bring. 

If you’re a parent of grade school children and you live in the Philippines, try to get them plugged in to NxtGen, and allow God to use the Lifeshapers team to teach your child to love God and have a great time doing it.

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  1. I do agree with you that many have been forced just because it is Sunday and it is a must instead of looking for alternative way.

  2. how fun! i watched the video and seems like the kids had a blast. it's nice that you guys have a program like this, kids were involved in their crafts. it's fun to watch them giggly, happy and enjoyed what they do.

  3. That is very neat. Our little girl is still a kindergartner this coming school year, and she's looking forward to children's church every Sunday. Good to know there is something like this scattered all over Philippines.

  4. This is very interesting, and also inspiring to know that there organizations willing to spare time for good of the future generation. God bless your hearts more :)

  5. that sounds so fun :-) kids really needed that even during Sundays to learn more about GOD :-) My kids start to go to church every far Sunday school is helping them to learn more about GOD.

  6. Very true indeed. Church activities for kids can really inspire them to be excited about going to church every Sunday.

  7. i agree of shaping our kid's minds to grow healthy with God in mind. this has been a big problem to most US kids these days. even their schools doesn't want God or God's name to be in the lessons. nice post!


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