Friday, July 27, 2012

Women of Worth - a safe haven for single mothers in CDO

It’s an interesting coincidence (or is there divine power at work?).  In the short amount of time since I made my “Traits of real men” article, I had very long Facebook chat conversations with three single mom friends of mine.

In each of these convos, I truly felt their pain through their keyboards.  My heart ached for them as they retold accounts of physical and emotional abuse; of the lies and the infidelity; of their struggles in doing twice the work with only half the resources; and, among lots of other things, their great loneliness and their fears of becoming a less desirable catch because of the baggage that they carry (emotional and, with kids in tow, physical).

If you’re expecting from this article a list or some tips on how to cope as a single mother, I’m sorry, but nope, because I will not serve you well if I try.  However, if you’re a single mother from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, I’m going to do one better.

While you have the daunting task of raising your child(ren) on your own, you don’t have to face the trials of single motherhood on your own.  My church, CCF-Cagayan de Oro, has a great support group for single mothers.  It’s called Women of Worth (or WOW for short).

WOW offers a safe and compassionate environment for single moms to have fun, unwind, relate, and most importantly, grow to become the Woman of Worth that God has made you to be.  They meet every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month…and that means they’ll meet tomorrow.

My apologies for posting this blog just today, less than 24 hours from the time they’ll meet for this month.  I got the idea to make this post from last night’s conversation with the third friend from the above-mentioned single mother trio, a long conversation where I eventually suggested she join WOW (the other two are not based in CDO, so the thought never crossed my mind).

What’s cooler, I just got wind that there’s going to be a smaller group within WOW, a new group formed exclusively for younger single mothers of the 20’s – 30’s age range.  That’s exactly where my friends are, and I find it sad that I can think of quite a number, way more than I should, who can benefit from this.

So, if you have to raise your child or children on your own for whatever reason
(widowed, separated, OFW wife, etc.) you can benefit greatly from the safe and compassionate environment gatherings of like-minded women – Women of Worth.  Again, the place is CCF-Cagayan de Oro, right across the street from the Mallbery Suites car entrance.  The dates are every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, and that means tomorrow.  Time is 4pm.

Three of the traits of a healthy church are that it serves the needs of its surrounding community, it strongly and excellently teaches God’s Word, and it creates a strong support and discipleship environment for its members.  WOW – Women of Worth does all three...and if you do decide to drop by, may God use WOW for great good.

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  1. Oh you are from CCF! I love that church! (I am from Victory.)

    Anyway, I really feel for single moms. As a matter of fact, I often tell myself I don't think I could ever manage to raise my two children alone because my husband plays a very crucial role in our family.

    But if I were a single parent, I would seek solace in knowing that God is a father to the fatherless. :)

  2. It's good that single moms in CDO have that support group. I wonder if there's something like that here in Manila. Would you know? I'm a single mom who needs all the help I can get. Thanks :)

    1. Pepper, let me get back to you. However, exactly where in Manila do you live? It's a big place. :)


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