Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Independence day, Philippines!! Here's the PINOY PRIDE assignment I gave my students

Earlier, I junked my lesson plan of the day to give my students this seatwork assignment as it was the day before the Independence Day holiday.

I got a lot of interesting results from them, and I’d like to paraphrase some of their answers here as well as put some I thought up myself, in my own list of 10.

1.     Natural scenery and resources.  Our beaches here are so beautiful and renowned worldwide as some of the world’s best.  Our mountains are also a wonder to behold.  Many of these become very popular tourist attractions.  I wish more people would travel here to experience the Philippine’s natural beauty.

2.    Strong family orientation.  I absolutely love how family oriented Filipinos are.  Foreigners who visit here often say how they wish their own children would treat them with the same respect and reverence as Filipino children do their parents.  The strong social ties also make sure that families cope well, and even thrive, amidst strife.
3.     Talent in music and the arts.  The Philippines is chock full of musically talented people.  Just about everyone here knows how to play a musical instrument and/or sing…and some go very far with this talent.

4.    Hospitality.  We Filipinos are famous for our hospitality.  We always feed our guests; and I remember one time in my childhood my parents offered their very nice masters bedroom to guests while they themselves slept in the cramped guestroom.  I was flabbergasted.

5.    Resilient and spiritual people.  No matter the hardships that we go through day after day, we always have reason to smile and laugh.  Some of this is linked to our spirituality.  In fact, many counselors who came here in the wake of Sendong marveled at our ability to bounce back, giving credit to the Filipino’s faith in God to carry us through.

6.    We’re also content.  I’m often impressed at how contented we are as a people.  There’s not that much in terms of covetousness or grumbling;  and despite poverty, we’re also quite lively and fun.  It’s More Fun in the Philippines, indeed.

7.    Oh, yeah, we’re very adaptable and resourceful.  Filipinos can exist anywhere in the world, in riches or in poverty, and we can adjust fine.  It’s almost chameleon-like how we can do this.

8.    Darn good food!  I’m not gonna argue there.  Filipino food is goooood!  I don’t wanna dwell on this anymore, because I’m starving as I make this post.

Ooooh yeah!

People Power!
9.    The bloodless revolutions of Edsa I and II.  Come on, how many others can boast of not just one, but two revolutions on a national scale where not a single drop of blood was shed.  That’s amazing.

10.    Because we’re Filipino, and this is the Philippines.  I’m proud of my own children, whether they are better or worse than others.  Why?  Because my children are mine, plain and simple.  The same goes for my country and my people.

Anything you can add to this list?  Comment away!


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  1. Happy Independence Day, Philippines! Sir Carlo, I couldn't add more - this is a perfect list.

    1. Thank my students then. This list is mostly theirs. :)

  2. Love this post Carlo, well said!!!!

    And I laughed when you were shocked about your parents offering their masters bedroom to guests while they slept at a cramp room. Yes, that's why sometimes you have to give up your bed for someone else :D

  3. Our parents would offer our meal and our space in the dinner table to our guests.

    1. Yet another great example! It's really great how we do this.


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