Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Should you side with the Philippine Lady Gaga concert protests?

If I wasn't so loaded with preparations for my church's DVBS (which is happening TODAY, please pray!!), I'd want to make an article about all the hoopla going around about Lady Gaga's upcoming Philippine concert being protested by certain groups.

However, I just read this awesome blog article on the subject, made by excellent Victory Christian Fellowship pastor Joseph Bonifacio (who has earned the love and "I do's" of the stunningly beautiful actress Rica Peralejo, lucky guy), and he said it way better than I ever could.

So, should you side with the Philippine Lady Gaga concert protests?  I suggest you read this article before making your stand.

Click here to read Joseph Bonifacio's article. 


  1. I don't know.. people have a habit of taking things out of context. I don't personally like her songs but if she wants to have a concert here and people want to watch, go!

    1. Which is why Pstr. Joseph's article is so good. I personally think the music she and her ilk dish out is dangerous to the young psyche, so I won't encourage my kids from going.

      But protesting? I don't think so...and Pstr. Joseph's article very excellently explains why.

  2. I love lady gaga so much please don't judge her wrong. She's just human. Human sometimes misbehave right? She did a public apology already.


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