Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jon Acuff is awesome…and even more so when he’s with Wally

Easily one of my favorite Christian bloggers is Jon Acuff, owner of the website Stuff Christians Like, author of the book with the same name…both of which hilariously talk about (and mildly satirize) Christian culture.

Jon’s work is a great mix of hilarity and deep theological thought (about a 60%-40% mix, or even more towards humor in many cases). 

I will get to some of his articles later on in this post, as well as making a list of his books.

What I’d like to show you right now is a video sample of how cool this guy is.  Yes, Jon Acuff is awesome…and even more so when he’s with Wally, my favorite Christian radio personality and another dude who has a similar mix of funny/depth as Jon.  As you can see, they feed off each other here, and what you get is a great, banter-filled video post.

For those of you who live in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, you are blessed because you get to listen to Wally on The Wally Show every 6pm-10pm on weekdays (Mon-Fri) at 103.3 FM.  As far as I know, that’s the only radio station in the whole country that features The Wally Show on air…so yay to us! 

If you live in the USA, then The Wally Show is being broadcasted on many Christian stations.  You can check out what stations he’s in by clicking here.

But if you there are no stations close to you that carry the show, then you can go to the free podcast section of the show’s website and you can listen in from there.  While you’re at it, feel free to look around said website and enjoy the zaniness that is Wally and crew (he throws some pretty mean, and hilarious, pranks at his co-workers...especially Betty Rock).

Jon Acuff’s blog, Stuff Christians Like, is one of the most popular Christian blogs out there (among the younger set, that is).  I personally find him hilarious, and I also find myself nodding in agreement when he digs into serious matters.  Here’s a favorite post I’ve recently read, called…Signature Sins. It's one of his heavier hitters, but the humor that we all know and love is still in there.

Another article from Stuff Christians Like that stood out to me was Dangerous Youth Group Games, mainly because I used to be a youth leader, and that Lynn is now living it up in her youth group’s ALL IN summer camp this whole week.

As one of the comments says, “If there’s no chance of injury, it’s not a real youth group.”  Gulp.  I can relate…and I hope she’s not maimed yet.

Anyway, Jon Acuff has at least two books out:

I’d strongly suggest you’d buy these books for some great Christian laughs…with a dash of God-given wisdom. 

Wally and Jon Acuff are two guys that make the Christian culture cool.  Get your fill of them through my links, yeah?  I’ll also make more cool-Christian-related articles every now and then.  Stay tuned.

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