Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Britt Nicole's new album is Gold...pun intended

With my kids growing older and becoming very social, I don’t think I’ll be able to totally prevent them from listening to the songs their friends listen to.  Although this is not true for every singer, band, or rapper, artists that my daughters’ classmates rave about often say words in their songs that no parent would like their kids to say, and glorify or even preach a worldview hardly any parent would like their kids to adapt for their own.

So, while I can’t totally prevent their exposure to the music of the youth culture (and I fear that they will resent me if I too strictly put on the restrictions here), what I can do, and do to the best of my time and ability, is to inspire them to like the kind of music that is not only cool, but it inculcates in them a God-honoring attitude.  Now, I’d like to share that to you

I want to make it a goal that every Wednesday I would regularly write a post about music.  Not just any type of music, but CCM…the genre of music that not a lot of people here in this country know much about, yet it’s a music genre that could be cool, yet free from cuss words, negative worldviews, and sexual innuendo.

I thought of this because while many Christians in the US listen to CCM, only a handful of Christians in the Philippines know about Christian artists beyond what’s sung in worship services (Hillsong, Lakewood, Chris Tomlin, etc.).  This is partly because radio stations that play Christian music all day are almost nonexistent in this country (Cagayan de Oro’s 103.3 FM is one of the very few that do, and we’re soooo blessed to have that).

Being the start of the weekly music-based blog entries, I’d like to start with one of my daughter’s favorite CCM artists, Britt Nicole.

Britt Nicole has just released her new album, Gold, last month, and she was gracious enough to do a live acoustic version of All This Time, the album’s first single, on the Wally Show (while giving a great interview to boot).  Wally, as you may know, is my favorite Christian radio personality and I introduced him to my blog readers in a previous article.

Check out Wally’s golden interview with Britt Nicole, who beautifully sings All This Time.

Britt Nicole sure is a beautiful young woman that every teenage Christian girl can look up to.  Fyi, All This Time has been ranked #1 in  The Weekend 22 (the Christian version of a top radio hits countdown show) for, what, about three weeks in a row now?

Funny that Lecrae is mentioned in the interview, because he’s my favorite rapper on the Christian hip hop scene.  My kids also love the guy, and they share his songs with their Eminem-crazed classmates at school...and now their friends are getting into Christian hip hop too.

This is our favorite Lecrae song, Don’t Waste your life, from his album Rebel. It’s probably our favorite Christian hip hop song, period.

Of the many songs that we like from Britt Nicole, our favorite is undoubtedly Set The World On Fire, which is featured in the Soul Surfer soundtrack.

I’m looking forward to more blog posts on CCM (which means Contemporary Christian Music), and I hope I can be faithful in making a music-based blog post every Wednesday.  The youth need artists who can indeed be role models as well.

God bless you guys, and don't forget to buy Britt Nicole's new album, because it's...Gold (pun intended).


  1. I love Britt Nicole but I don't have the newest album. Must go get though.

    1. Yeah, I suggest you go get it (you can follow the links above if you like). She's amazing...both as an artist and as a role model.


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