Tuesday, March 27, 2012

JZone + Bivouac = an AWESOME summer camp

Question: what do you get when you combine one of the most vibrant, God-honoring youth ministries in Cagayan de Oro city…

My eldest daughter, Lynn, with two amazing role-models that she greatly admires: Charissa and Julia Angelica

….with one of the coolest venues of outdoor fun and adventure, located in the cool mountains nearby? 

Answer:  ONE CRAZY AWESOME SUMMER CAMP!!...and allow me to explain both below.

Firstly, the awesome group.  JZone, the high school and college ministry of the church I go to is proud to bring you ALL IN, this year’s youth summer camp.  It’s open to anyone, as long as you’re 13-19 years old, that is.  See the image below for fees, dates, and prices.

Each one of these CCF youth camps are really popular.  Last year, they had 120 teens from the CCF churches around the area (three of them, if I’m not mistaken: CDO, Malaybalay, & Manolo) and they had a blast.  I’m sure there’s gonna be a larger number this time around.

Expect more of the same this time summer: excellent, dynamic speakers; huge fun; and, most importantly, changed lives for the glory of God.  Lynn, my eldest daughter, is so, so, so excited to once again join (last year she was able to squeeze in even if she was not yet youth age; this time she’s an official J-Zoner).

Now for the second part of the awesomeness equation: the venue.

Located just 10 minutes away from the popular Zipzone, Bagalangit Ultimate Bivouac offers the ultimate in outdoor adventure!  It’s the ideal venue not just for youth summer camps, but weekend getaways, office team buildings, and the like, as well. 

For camping, there’s lots of land to pitch your tents on, or, and this is my personal preference, you can try their very cool tipi hut-like structures.  I wanna try me one of those!

You can also sleep in their barracks, as if you’re really in the military.

For me, the coolest thing about Ultimate Bivouac are the airsoft structures.  While most airsoft structures in these parts are made of flimsy material, the structures there are permanent and really huge.  They’re complete with bridges, tunnels, and even a helicopter at the center. 

Now that’s fun, and I hope the JZone youth will be able to enjoy some of that during their stay (I’d find it a bit funny, though: first they learn about Godly principles and then the next thing we know they’re hunting each other down with airsoft rifle in hand).

They also a whole bunch of other amenities that could spell big fun for visitors.  Visit their Facebook page to find out more.

Oh, important announcement:  THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER IS APRIL 1, which is next Sunday.  If you're interested, then call CCF at 857-3000 or visit their Facebook page.

If you're still not decided, here's photos of last year's summer camp, SOLD OUT.


  1. That looks like a great place for young adults to draw closer to God. We have some summer camps here in the states that are really similar.

  2. Yep, it is. Kids these days really need Godly direction. I'm blessed to be part of a church that puts premium on the young.

    Thanks for stopping by. :)


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