Sunday, March 4, 2012

A beautiful marriage testimony

I was trying to make this short blog entry to encourage more people to try our 3rd batch of our couples retreat, The Story of Us…but then I just found out that the event has been sold out again, and they really can’t take in any more people (in fact, some are already staying in a different place than the venue, paying extra money to do so.)

But still, this video is too beautiful to pass up,
so I’m publishing this entry anyway.  It’s from one of the marriage talks of famed pastor Mark Driscoll, and it shows a testimony of a couple whose marriage was in shambles, but through the grace of God, has been restored.

I love this video because it’s a beautiful testimony on the power of God’s grace and forgiveness; and I also love it because it serves as a stern warning.

It serves as a stern warning against the devastating consequences of emotional neglect and the subtle, yet equally devastating damage that our little pet sins and addictions can do (internet porn in the guy’s case).

Real Marriage - Phoenix - Vow Renewal from The Hub on Vimeo.

Husbands, the pursuit of our wives’ hearts should not end when they say “I do.”  We have the privilege of pursuing them until the very end of our days.

Kevin hit the nail on the head when he said, "I want them [our daughters] to be able to say, 'I won't settle for anyone who doesn't treat me the way my dad treats my mom.'"

I want my daughters to say that, too.  Let’s be those kinds of men!!

Oh, by the way, the song they mentioned, Lead Me, is a favorite of mine and I feature it in my Father's Day post last year.  It's definitely a song that all dads and husbands need to hear.

Anyway, to those who are booked for the 3rd batch of The Story Of Us, see you on Saturday!

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