Sunday, January 15, 2012

DOT’s It’s More Fun in the Philippines slogan…great idea!!

I’m really getting into the It’s More Fun In The Philippines campaign from our Department Of Tourism (DOT).  Think what you may of the slogan (some don’t like it), but I think it shows a pretty good grasp of the modern/internet culture by making a meme out of it.  I think the guys at DOT have spent some time at 9gag and looking at demotivational posters much.  Now, every photoshop-savvy Filipino is getting into making an It’s More Fun In The Philippines meme. I wish I know my way around photoshop.  :(

Here are several of my favorite It’s More Fun In The Philippines pics.  Enjoy!  Oh, and indeed, friends who live abroad, I invite you to give the Philippines a visit.  Cagayan de Oro especially. 

Honestly, I don't get this one.  Looks hilarious, though.

Of course, some people have made memes that could get a little naughty, but it made me laugh nonetheless.

Come visit the Philippines.  Indeed, it can get more fun here.

Oh wait…there’s more!  I can’t resist posting a modified version of this meme, honoring the best university of this country:



  1. hey! iv tried doing mine too!!! you can do yours too, its very easy... just download the Harabara font and use it in Picasa, if you dont have Picasa yet its easy to download from the net as well...

    here's my blogpost, iv placed a link where you can download the Harabara font. :-)

  2. hi! i'm trying to do it in photoshop. what puzzles me is the harabara font only shows in UPPERCASE. this makes my meme in all caps. can someone enlighten me on what to do? im using CS5. tia :)

  3. hi! just go to this site, upload your picture and fill in the blank with the slogan and you're good to go. Don't forget to save your photo once it previews, you will have a hard time locating it in the gallery. Lesson learned :(


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