Saturday, November 12, 2011

Congrats Abba's Orchard for hosting its first Abba's Orchard Cup!

A pitch with a view!
For two very busy and heart wrenching Saturdays, October 22 and 29, 2011, The Abba's Orchard School hosted its first ever Abba's Orchard Cup.

I say busy, because this is the first time we hosted such an event, and there were manic preparations in store to get things just right.

Heart wrenching because we fielded many of our own teams into the event, and many of them fought hard to get their victories.  Others, even in defeat, treated us to the best and down-to-the-wire tightest matches that we've ever seen.

Below are the official results of the tournament:

Congrats to the Abba's Orchard School for a successful hosting of its first Abba's Cup, and for the Abba's Orchard Ridgebacks for making us proud.  I hope you won't mind if I post several pictures from the event. These photos were taken by two of our parents on hand who are very talented with the camera lens: Mr. Jasper Llanderal and Ms. Jenny Radke. Enjoy:

AOS represent!!!!
My daughter, Lynn, in red socks.

Can you say, intense?

The ball is gonna say "ouch"

3 against 1

The thrill of victory!

Injury time-out

Where I work...view from the stairs leading into the pitch

Once again, congrats to the Abba's Orchard School for hosting its first Abba's Orchard Cup!  Let this be the first of many.

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