Saturday, October 8, 2011

The return of “Please don’t tease your dog;” Lessons Of A Dad now on twitter; and other site updates.

I didn’t know until yesterday that for the longest time, the video that made “Please don’t tease your dog” my most popular blog post was taken off the internet.  So, I went looking around for the same video elsewhere, and I finally found it.  So, the cute (well, he’s not cute…his actions are) little pooch is back, ready to be teased once again.

There have been many other updates that have happened to Lessons Of A Dad since it was put up earlier this year in June.  Here they are, ladies and gentlemen.

•    I joined the blogging bandwagon and signed up for twitter.  I hope to connect with you guys better through that medium, so if you also have a twitter account and would like to add me, feel free to do so by clicking on the twitter button on the right margin.

•    I was able to restore the Google Friend Connect, which conked out a while back.  I had a feeling that it was related to me putting my feeds in Feedburner (and doing it wrong), so I retraced my steps and fixed the problem.  So, those who’d wish to keep themselves updated this way may do so.

•    I signed up for Alexa and downloaded its toolbar.  If you’re a blogger, a serious one, you should too…at least that’s what I heard.  For those of you who joined Alexa, did it benefit you?  I hope it will, because, gosh, it hurts to see that my rank is so low.  I hope by this time next year, I’d be way up into the 100,000 mark.  That is my goal. 

•    I joined a several blog directories, as you can see (the several directory buttons on the right) in the hopes that doing so would increase traffic.  One of these needs some participation from you, where it says “vote for me.”  I’d be honoured if you do, in fact, vote for me.

I’d like to ask the fellow bloggers reading this post, what were the best ways for you to get traffic into your blog site?  Pls. comment, I surely would like to find out.

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