Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Halloween constume that disturbed me, but admittedly made me chuckle.

Remember, dads, our kids hero worship us and consider us their heroes.  We should do our utmost to be models and mentors to our children, positively influencing them to be great adults themselves one day.

Then I see this Halloween costume that disturbed me, but admittedly made me chuckle.

What in the world was he smokin' (pun intended) when he thought of this getup for him and his son?  I saw this on Facebook and most of the comments were praising the dad for his creativity and...well, the over-all cuteness of it.

I was not pleased. 

Our kids are like marble, and we, dads, are like artists armed with hammer and chisel.  We could either make a masterpiece, or make a mess.

Sure, this is really creative or really cute...and you may think I'm overreacting; but please know that children copy what we do, they'll love what we love, they'll think the way we think.  Our influence is that great.

And another thing...if we do some naughty things behind their backs, they're also bound to find out:

Happy Halloween everyone.

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  1. Haha that last photo is funny! Hey congratulations for being nominated to the PBA! Good job!


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