Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Now this is interesting: Father sues Facebook over 12-year old daughter's "explicit" photos

This is not one of the photos, but still...
I was just browsing Yahoo! Philippines a while back and I saw this article that made me nearly fall off my chair.  Apparently, a Northern Ireland father is suing good ol' Facebook after his 12 year old girl was able to post explicit photos of herself there.

I don't mean to be harsh, but it's pretty evident that he's got some serious parenting issues when his little girl posts those kinds of pictures of herself all over the world's most popular social network.  And now he wants to get paid--er, I mean he wants to sue Facebook for it?  Wow, now that's disturbing.  Twisted even.

As you may guess, the article was lit up by comments.  An interesting one suggested that while the Facebook-suing father was at it, he should sue her school for not teaching her properly, the governement for not telling him how to parent his kid right, and his own parents for not teaching him to be a responsible parent, himself.

Well, Yahoo! comments can get pretty mean; and this is quite an outrageous article so I understand the venomous backlash.  (Click here to see the article)

This is one of the reasons why I do what I do here in cyberspace with Lessons Of A Dad.  Children are like marble, and the parents, dads especially, are like the hammer-and-chisel-armed-artist.  We can either make a masterpiece, or we can make a mess.

But, then, is there Parenting 101?  We are taught how to be a doctor, a lawyer, and so on...but a parent?  I don't remember any classes or courses like that.

That's why, and I know I'm already making this hard-sell, I'm pretty adamant in inviting you to join me and my group in our PARENTING THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE study series.  If you can't, you join something like it.  We need to be taught how to parent properly.  It doesn't come automatically. 

This Friday, Sept. 9, we will tackle HOW TO POSITIVELY INFLUENCE YOUR CHILDREN.  I wish the Facebook-suing father could see the great lessons that are to be learned from this session (see my previous blog post for a brief outline on it).

We can't afford to fail our kids.  Always hunger for the knowledge of raising our kids better.

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