Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Enhance your marriage and family with THE STORY OF US

In one previous blog post regarding me and my wife’s 12th anniversary, I stated that one of the key principles that helped us enhance our marriage and family life was to attend marriage and parenting retreats and seminars.  Lo and behold, my Cagayan de Oro-based friends; here comes a couples retreat for you, The Story of Us.

Whether if your marriage is rock solid, or it’s crumbling at the seams, I would strongly recommend attending couples retreats like these.  It’s kinda funny that we go though years and years of school to learn a trade, but we don’t have much when it comes to being taught how excellently maintain the most basic of social structures, the family. 

Now let’s face it, marriage has been greatly under attack in modern times.  In America, half the marriages are failing.  Here on these Philippine shores, even if divorce is not legal, way too many of my friends and loved ones have fallen victim to failed marriages as well.  I’ve seen it so many times that I now find great folly in having an available marriage-enhancing opportunity like The Story of Us and not taking it.

Some people I invite say that events like these are too expensive (The Story of Us will cost each couple P4,500-5,000 for food, venue, and materials), but really, how much is your marriage worth?  One couple, who used to mentor my wife and I for a short while, were on the verge of separation until they were dragged into a similar event.  I have a feeling that my wife and I would have a much rockier marriage if we didn’t attend one months into our union.

So here’s more info:

Due to the past CCF events being so well attended, as well as venue restraints, there will be two batches of The Story Of Us.  The first batch is on the weekend of Nov. 5 & 6, 2011; the second is on Dec. 3 & 4Each batch is limited to 41 couples only.  You’d want to sign up right away, because, as I said, CCF’s marriage and parenting events are known to be excellent, and therefore garner big draws; and not to mention that attendees from the other CCF churches in Manolo, Illigan, Malaybalay, and Valencia will also be included.  The sooner you sign up, the better.

Venues for The Story Of Us are the Saddle Ridge Camp and the beautiful Mountain Pines Place in Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.  Price is 4,500 per couple w/o transportation, 5,000 with transpo from CDO to Dahilayan and back.

For details contact:

Christ's Commission Fellowship – Cagayan de Oro
Papa Juanito’s Square, Limketkai Drive
857-3000 (PLDT/Philcom)
09175976574 (globe)
09228223236 (sun)
09209386766 (smart)   

Make the investment to enhance your marriage and family life, attend The Story Of Us.  I will definitely see you there.

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