Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two great testimonies of changed lives

I’m going to feature two great testimonies from CCF’s website.  I feature them mainly because of two things:

1.  Today is CCF’s 27th anniversary, and I want to feature these as a testament of a church that does what it’s supposed to do: transform lives for the glory of God.

2.  This is a parenting based site, and these two testimonies show the grim ripple effects of parental failure in the home.


A House Right with God

“In our family, our father was considered the ultimate authority. What he says goes and one cannot answer back or reason out. If you want to make an appeal, you go to the 2nd in command, the mother, and hope for the best. It was not a problem when we were young, but when I started to attend high school, I felt choked because of my father’s authority. I noticed that my friends’ families were different; they were more liberal and they were having fun….”  Read on.

Alitha: Realizing Jesus’ Perfect Love

Since I was a young girl, I believed that time is the best way to show love. However in my family, I did not feel that. My parents gave me everything I needed materially, but what I needed from them was their time and attention...”  Read on

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