Tuesday, August 16, 2011

News flash for moms and dads living in Cagayan de Oro...PARENTING THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE

Hi everyone.  Just a quickie message here, an announcement that you might be interested in...if you're a mom or dad living in Cagayan de Oro, that is.

My young couples group will start Parenting That Makes a Difference study series on the first Friday of September.  If you'd like to study how to be a great parent with us for 5 Fridays, and get it from no less than the best speaker on the subject (Peter Tan Chi) then join us.

Here are the topics

First Friday: The Big Picture

Second Friday: How To Positively Influence Your Children

Third Friday: How to Discipline Your Children Effectively

Fourth Friday: Some Basic Principles to Teach our Children

Last Friday: Internalizing Values

If you would like to join us, feel free to do so.  I will continually update this blog as September draws near.


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