Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy 27th Anniversary CCF...and you're invited!

Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) is celebrating its 27th anniversary…the first CCF, that is (located in St. Francis Square near Megamall.  The church that I go to, CCF-Cagayan de Oro, has been around for 13 years). 

To celebrate, it usually holds a big worship service and celebration, held in a venue like Araneta Coliseum.  For the rest of the CCF churches all over the country, we are going to be tuned in to said celebration via satellite.  Cool right?  Man, technology these days.

And you’re all invited to this via-sattilite worship service:  August 14, 10:00 AM at Papa Juanito’s Square near Lim Ket Kai mall (across the street from Robinson’s car park entrance).  It will usually feature a message from Peter Tan Chi, one of the best speakers around. 

As the days draw near, CCF releases some videos that celebrate God’s greatness and God’s goodness to the church(es).  One of them, the one I will show below, features the amazing things God has been doing to the CCF’s growth in Northern Mindanao, CCF-CDO included.  Enjoy the video:

If there’s anything the CCF does very well, it is answering the call to disciple and equip its flock.  CCF is so focused in this area.  Indeed, many of the people who are featured in the video have mentored me, and so many others, tremendously.  As the video hinted, the CCF churches were not started by clergy, but by a mere handful of families who sincerely loved the Lord and had a strong desire to disciple others in their area.  That’s it.

Then God honored their hearts and blessed their efforts, and people came in droves.  CCF-CDO was started by, what, 6 or 7 families 13 years ago?  Now we’re about 700 or 800 or so, if I’m not mistaken…and I’d like to think that we’re all walking in the Lord wonderfully.

So many of my church friends told me that it is in CCF where they really, really, tremendously grew in their love and knowledge of God.  I know many whose lives have been changed because of the influence of what God has been doing through this church. 

I am a testimony of such a change, and such a growth.  It was a CCF missionary pastor who, despite his very busy schedule, took time out to have lunch with me during the darkest days of my life, and gave me the Savior who made, and continues to make my life make sense.

It was in CCF where I was challenged to serve others, starting with the children, then with being an announcer/facilitator, then the young couples, then with the youth

It was in CCF where God brought to me great mentors and friends, priceless people whose friendship and example would guide me to be what God wants me to be.  I’m still a work in progress, of course…but I shudder to think of what kind of man I’d be if the Lord didn’t bring me to CCF.

So, happy 27th anniversary to a wonderful, disciple-making church.  Thanks for being so instrumental in my growth as a Christian; and, due to your men’s conferences, parenting and couples seminars, my growth as a man.   

For those of you who are interested to get a taste of CCF, especially the via satellite service, see you on Sunday.  If you don’t live in CDO, then you can check out the website for a CCF church near you, or you can view the event online.

Here's pics of past CCF anniversary celebrations:

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