Monday, July 11, 2011

Check out the imported stuff!

You might be thinking that I'm reversing my stand in the Buy Pinoy Experiment article that became far and away my most popular blog post.  Nope, I'm not.  "Check out the imported stuff!" is about something else altogether.  If you're a subscriber or follower of this blog, you were likely swamped by all these new posts dated around early this year or even 2010.  My apologies, and I will explain why that happened.

Before starting Lessons Of A Dad, I maintained a personal blog on Wordpress.  It was basically a spiritual journal and an online dairy of the goings on of my life and the lives of the Alado family household.  Not wanting to do two blogs at the same time, I stopped this personal blog when I started Lessons Of A Dad.

Well, I figured out how to import those old Wordpress blog entries into Lessons of A Dad…and I published (or should I say, re-published) a whole lot of them.  So this explains why some of you were flooded by notifications of a dozen blogs or so, and many of them have topics that are strangely out of sync, talking about Christmas and stuff.

Allow me to give a brief description on some of these imported blogs of the past.  Some of them are still relevant reads many months after they’ve been first published.

M&M:  Tells of the power of a great role model and mentor through a conversation I had with my daughter.

It’s gotta be the hair!  Featuring a talk from a youth  conference earlier this year.  Why the title?  You have to check out the blog entry.

A (school) year in review: Well, this is a video/photo journal of the past year as a high school teacher in the only school in the Asia-Pacific region that offers a full-spectrum Montessori education.  See what I go thorough on a daily basis.

How materials enhance preschool learning:  Features my son and some of his classmates from the most recent AOS open house.  It shows you how amazing Montessori early education is.

Summer is a great chance for kids to do chores.  This was made in the middle of summer vacation here in the Philippines.  If you are a reader from the States, then I this is relevant to you because you have just started your summer break.

Teens who wait…and how yours could be one of them:  Made after I reminisced of a discussion on out-of-control teen hormones.

Revenge is sweet…? You want to take revenge?  It’s not as sweet as you think.

A Parenting word about gift giving (parts 1 and 2): Part 1 deals with gifts NOT to get your children or their friends.  Part 2 deals with principles on what you should buy for kids.

Permit the children to come to me: Some of my musings on serving in my church’s children’s ministry.

My mom’s 60th birthday: my most popular article in  the prvious site in terms of pageviews.

We have a bigger role than submitting a ballot: Made right before the most recent Presidential elections.

No hands, no feet…but what a heart!  Based on a very inspirational young man who was born without any limbs, but his wonderful heart makes up for it.

CCF’s newest (and scariest) ministry: Just go see it.

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