Saturday, June 25, 2011

To the AOS Seniors of 2010-2011, thank you.

While this is a parenting site, I occasionally share the other things that go on in my life.  This is one of those posts.

I teach in a small, yet excellent school called The Abba’s OrchardIt’s the only Montessori school in the Asia Pacific region to offer the full spectrum of bona-fide Montessori education: starting from below 3 years old in the Infant Community to the high school teens in the Erdkinder.  For the latter, it also boasts of being one of only a handful of Montessori Farm Campuses on the entire planet.

With such as small population (we graduated 14 seniors last year, we have 17 seniors now), everybody is close.  We’re so close that I grow to genuinely love these teens.  Yet they’re not only loved dearly by me and the rest of the faculty, they are also loved by the underclassmen.

It shows such a sense of school community when the sophomores and the juniors go out of their way to honor the seniors on their graduation night.  The sophies made a kooky rap song featuring all 14 of the seniors and their traits.  The juniors made the video tribute featured below.  It’s pretty touching, and it’s obvious a lot of effort was put into honoring them here.

And you know what?  I really do miss them.  Dearly.  I miss every batch that goes through me, especially since I was their class adviser this year.

So, former students: thank you…so very, very much.  Why?  I could thank you for so many things.

I could thank you for how you made us proud that nearly all of you passed La Salle and half of you passed UP and Ateneo…an incredible batting-average.

I could thank you for leading our varsity teams to championship victory in just about every competition you entered.

I could thank you for garnering a rousing standing ovation in the school’s first ever musical play (I Dreamed A Dream: Highlights and Images of Les Miserables).

But here’s what I want to thank you for: I thank you for making me love my job.

Thank you for allowing me to act as a caring adult in your young lives.  What a privilege!  I thank you for allowing me to guide you as you lead the rest of the community for the past 10 months.  I thank you for all the talks, the interaction, the funny moments…even the exasperating ones.  I thank you that some of you shared to me your deepest fears, frustrations, and secrets, and allowed me a chance to try and make it all better, somehow.

Not everyone has the privilege of becoming a part of the shaping of many young lives, to be part of the formation of young men and women.  Thank you allowing me to do so…

…and, although this was one topsy-turvy school year, I hope I have served you well.

10-10-2014 update:

I might as well post the trailer of our first school play.  Note that we will have another huge production next year.  Just so you know how many years have flown by, my middle child, Mesoo, who played little Cosette, has graduated from elementary school and is now a first year (grade 7) student.

If you wanna know what goes on in the school (it's a very unique program), you can check out the latest video I made that summarizes our curriculum in about 3 entertaining minutes.  You can check out more info about the school as you visit the "The Abba's Orchard" tag below.

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