Sunday, June 19, 2011

The death of this blog site/ Songs that touch a father’s heart

Well, it seems like this blog is on its last legs.  I have just recently started my new parenting site called Lessons of A Dad.  What that would mean is that I won’t be posting a whole lot on this site anymore…unless it is purely spiritual in nature and doesn’t have to do with parenting at all (like an online spiritual journal).

So please do visit Lessons of A Dad and, if you’re a parent yourself, follow/subscribe to the site by clicking on the follow or subscribe buttons on the right margin of the blog site.

Well, since it’s Father’s Day, one of my first entries (my 3rd, actually) is about Songs that touch a father’s heart.  Here is the beginning of that entry:

Songs that touch a father’s heart

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! As fathers from all over the word are given this one day to feel really special, I hope you use this day to ponder on being the kind of man you need to be to lead your family. To help you with that, I have included some songs for a father’s heart.

Music can be quite powerful. I’ve had several instances where a mere song changed my whole outlook on what I was going through or my opinion in a particular subject. When it comes to being a dad, a good dad, these songs are just what the doctor ordered. May they bless you and challenge you, as they did me.

The first song is American Dream by Casting Crowns, the band of the popular “Who Am I?” song. We fathers can get so caught up with work and providing for our families the finer things in life that we lose track of what the finer things in life truly are.

To see the videos, please click here.

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