Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Singing? ME? / Parenting series / Deep Impact

Oh dear me, I wish the rapture had actually happened as falsely predicted.

One of the leaders of our children’s ministry talked to me last Sunday and told me that I am among the many fathers in the congregation chosen to go up on stage, with kids in tow, on Father’s Day for a song number.

NOOOOOO!!!  Ok, I’m overreacting.  It’s a pleasure to do things for God and his people, but singing?  Don’t get me wrong, I gladly serve in my church’s ministries whenever possible, be it breakout leaders in marriage/parenting seminars, behind the desk in registration booths for events, teaching the children, speaking in front, teaching the youth…it’s truly my pleasure, and I’m confident that I can do an excellent job in any of these.

But singing???  That would be counterproductive to what the leaders would want.  You’d want MORE people to come to church not LESS.  You’d want people to be BLESSED on Sundays, not CURSED.  But we do have a space and a parking problem, so maybe they really did thought it through when they asked me to take part.

But alas, I said I’ll do it.  It’s for the glory of God, right?  Since I’d like to preserve my pride and I’m committed to giving you quality blog posts, I will not feature it on this site, like I did my daughter’s presentation for Mother’s Day.  Sorry (or maybe you should thank me).

However, this could give me the opportunity to tell you about the recent goings on in CCF, my church; in case you belong to the same faith as I do and are looking for a church, or you’re just curious to see what we do (or to even try us out).

For the next several weeks, our Sunday messages will be on Parenting.  All CCF churches from all over the country have Parenting as the topic for six weeks (this Sunday, Father’s Day, will be the 3rd, so we’re halfway through).

This is an AMAZING preaching series, very powerful and practical.  Last Sunday, we had a video by Peter Tan Chi (who was so fantastic in last year’s PARENTING WINNERS) which I also feature below.  Other Sundays will feature our local leaders, who are great speakers and excellent parents in their own right (they model and mentor very, very well…and I’m a recipient of that).

We have a new 3-service schedule for Sundays: 8-10 AM; 10 AM-12 NN; and 12 NN-2 PM.  Note that there is no children’s ministry in the first worship service, in the middle service all hands are on deck to serve your kids and teach them well, the last service only has the older kids’ classes (6-8 year old class and 9-12 year old class…no toddler or 3-5 classes, sorry)

Ok, now for the adults who are not married, the singles.  On June 25, the amazing guys CCF-CDO Singles Ministry will host DEEP IMPACT: Making Your Life Count.  It’s a 2 day retreat at Mapawa Nature Park.  If you want to make your life count as a person, this is the event to go (click here for more info).  I don’t know the topics or speakers yet, but just save the date and attend.  These guys have the Midas touch lately and what they do is usually gold.

If you, dear reader, would like come and worship God with us and try out to be part of this great family of believers, then please, do drop by.  At least come for the parenting series, then take if from there to see if this is for you or not.

CCF is located in Papa Juanito’s square, Limketkai Drive.  It’s right across the street from the Robinson’s Car Park entrance and right beside Discovery Hotel.  See you on Sunday (yes, that’s Father’s Day…bring earplugs).


  1. Eunice Grace ImportanteJune 16, 2011 at 10:13 PM

    Sir Carlo, I'm very confident that you will do just fine. God will not let you face a situation half baked. He will prepare you for you moment on stage as you grace the congregation with the beautiful voice God has given you. Believe and Trust that God knows what he is doing. ^_^

  2. Thanks Eunice...although I've known you since you were a kid in Sunday School, long enough to think that you may be saying this in jest. :) God bless you, young lady.


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