Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It’s gotta be the hair!

Recently, my co-worker and good friend gave me a tremendous compliment.

She was in Manila attending IGNITE 2011, which is one of the biggest gatherings of youth ministry students and leaders from all over the country.  One of the guests was Paul Tan Chi, the son of the senior pastor of our church, Peter Tan Chi.

The name Peter Tan Chi might sound familiar to you; as he was one of the two speakers, along with Francis Kong, in last year’s PARENTING WINNERS, which I advertised heavily on this site last year…and if you were there you would’ve seen a video of his son, Paul giving a fantastic testimony on his parents’ parenting excellence.

left: Peter Tan Chi; Peter's wife, Dionna; Francis Kong

Anyway, my friend texted, while Paul was speaking, that he reminded her so much of me.  A bit flabbergasted, I joked, “It’s gotta be the hair!”  Well, it’s true.  You want proof?  Here it is:

Paul Tan Chi -- Ignite 2011

Me and wifey

However, the next day, she forwarded to me a podcast of his talk/interview and simply said, “listen to him speak,” implying that that was where our similarities lie.  (S-so it’s not the hair?)

Well, whether she’s right or not (I feel the comparison sells him way short) I was very moved, as usual, by his words.  The interview touched on his upbringing, being captain ball of the Ateneo Blue Eagles while maintaining Cum Laude grades, and resisting peer pressure and teasing while being vocal about his message and example…including one time where he was pressured by his coach to go against his values and drink alcohol so that the team can skip practice the next day (wow).

I have attached the podcast below, and please set aside several minutes of your time to listen to it in its entirety…especially if you or your child is going to university.  It’s an awesome talk.  God bless you all.

Paul Tan Chi – Living a Life of Excellence


  1. Sir carl! I thought about you also when he started speaking

  2. d looks? almost d same, but u've got d moves lol. he is sporty. yet, u r a tennis pro. whatever, but i knw that u both are grounded in God's word. PTL!

    Love u Babe,

    ur wifey

  3. hahahaha .........thank you for this blog brother ...... you are both from CCF ....so that qualifies .....weeeee

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