Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two couples who inspire

I’m not really into chick flicks or anything too “valentine-y.”  My wife loves those kinds of movies, and I am often forced to watch mushy stuff with her, and sometimes, oftentimes, actually, I feel bad when I find myself not enjoying it that much and wish I was somewhere else.

But I’m sure all of us become very joyful when we learn of a single friend becoming not-so-single.  I don’t care who you are, that puts a smile on our faces.

A man I’ve recently befriended through a mutual friend (co-worker actually) is now one of those not-so-singles, and so many of us still aren’t over the euphoria of the news.  What makes me especially happy is that both Job and Margarita (fondly nicknamed, Its) are really, really good people who passionately make a point to glorify God in their love story.

Job, who loves to blog, shares this newfound passion in his blog site, which I paraphrase below (with his permission).
I am in love.

As soon as I changed my [facebook] relationship status last night, most people started asking: “is this for real or another ‘I love Jesus’ kind of gimmick?”

For one, I love Jesus and that’s not a gimmick. Secondly, I love HER…Indeed, God has now given me someone to love the Song of Songs way. What a way to spend Valentine’s Day 2011– blogging at the hotel lobby beside the woman I so love.

Right! Jesus Christ’s love is the PERFECT LOVE. But I’m amazed how his perfect love ignites me and her to love each other more and more everyday.

There’s a lot more in that entry, but you can already see what a wonderful example this couple will be to those who know them.  Their example and testimony excites me more than anything else about these two.

Job, who is a life coach, has been helping us (the Abba’s Orchard faculty) out by visiting our school from time to time to mentor our students.  His impact on their young minds and hearts has been invaluable.   In fact, Job again blogs about one of my students in his latest blog entry, “Have you tasted the triple delight?”  Again, he heaps loving words to Its, and even features an excerpt of her blog, but what is especially striking is how his teaching and example (in his treatment of Its, no doubt) has impacted my student.  Click here for that entry.

If it looks like I’m putting Job and Its on a pedestal, please don’t think that.  Again, what makes these two and their relationship so special is that they put their focus most on the One who brought them together, the One who invented love (including romantic love) and, most importantly, the One who they depend on in their treatment of each other.

As said in the Bible verse that Its quoted so aptly in her own blog: “Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!” (Psalm 34:8)

And therefore, this is the perfect segue to…SOUL MEETS

I’m sure all of us dream for that kind of pure, yet passionate, love to be ours as well.  Well, the singles of the church community I belong to can get you on your way there (if you’re single, that is).

This is our way of equipping you in the ways of love and romance, which can often be rocky and turbulent.

The speakers for this event are two wonderful people who Jhean and I are proud to call our mentors, Dr. Allan Melicor and his wife, Blessie.

Not only are they among the best speakers, but their love story is one of the best, if not THE best, that I know of.  It’s a wonderful story of trust, passion, purpose, and patience…it’s the ultimate TRUE LOVE WAITS story, in my opinion.  And nobody tells it like they do, so don’t even think that you can get it second hand and expect it to be even half as good.

You just have to be there.

So be there!  It’s on February 26, 2011 at CCF, and registration starts at 5:30pm, program starts at 6pm.  Bring all your single friends, especially those who are unlucky at love.  Who knows, with the inspiration and the principles you learn from SOUL MEETS, your story could be as wonderful as Job’s and Its’, or Allan’s and Blessie’s?

Wouldn’t what they have be worth attending?


  1. love it, i can tell ur inlove as well. hahahaaa inspiring yet too good to be true but its true. im sure ds will b a hit! luv luv

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  3. Sir Carlo, thanks for this. We'd love to hear your love story and learn from you as well. Pls keep us in your prayer as we take on this journey.


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