Monday, December 20, 2010

A parenting word about gift giving, part 2: "I Want That Toy!"

In my previous blog on the subject, I promised that I would make an entry on what gifts I’d like to recommend.  Well, one of my greatest parenting mentors beat me to it, and on a national daily, no less.

One of my bosses, Ann Barrameda, was featured in the Manila Bulletin article called “I Want That Toy!” In it, towards the end, she gave excellent suggestions on what gifts to buy for the little ones.  They’re all spot on, but that’s what you’d expect from one of the best Montessori educators in the country. I have learned so much from her, not only as a member of the faculty, and not only in the parenting talks she gives in the church we go to, but even just having casual conversations with her over lunch breaks at the school.

Much of the best advice I’ve ever gotten came from Teacher Ann, as she is fondly called in the school.  In fact, I’ve gotten, and will continue to get, all of the suggestions she mentioned in the article.

The article, however, is about handling your child’s tantrums during Christmas shopping, and the advice given on that matter is excellent as well.  Again, long before this article came out; I have taken her advice and let the kids indulge themselves in NBS and Booksale during trips to the mall.  They can stay there for hours!

Enjoy the article, and make the right choices this Christmas season.

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