Thursday, April 1, 2010

CCF's newest (and scariest) ministry

One of the many things I like about the church that I worship in is how sensitive the leadership is to the needs of the congregation, and how seriously and creatively they and the rest of the church take action to meet these needs.

Examples: with so many small groups, they came up with a D-group management ministry that helps people find a D Group that’s right for them.  CCF nourishes the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of the less fortunate by forming CUPCOM (CCF Urban Poor Community Outreach Ministry).  Our beautiful women over 50 years old have a Sunshine ladies ministry.  There’s a jail ministry, a single parents ministry, a ministry that reaches out to the PNP, a singles ministry, a college ministry, a flower arranging ministry, a music ministry, a children’s ministry, a high school youth ministry.  There’s just so much going on, all the time…and I believe CCF does a pretty thorough job shepherding and meeting the needs of God’s worshippers who choose to worship Him within her halls.

However, for the longest time, they have not touched all the bases.

There was an important demographic in the congregation that may have missed the dutiful eyes of our church leaders: girls of the young teen and tween age.  Good thing our elders wizened up and came up with the newest and scariest CCF ministry: the HUNKS ministry!!

You see, the world has a very strong pull to these young girls’ hearts, a pull that puts them in a trance that’s almost impossible to break.  I remember the young girls of my generation were so into New Kids On The Block that they would swoon every time one of their videos comes on or when one of their songs gets a bit of airtime on the radio.  In the late 90’s, my ear drums (and girls’ hearts) were bombarded by musical (?) acts such as Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Boyzone, F4, and their ilk.  Today, my students go gaga over Korean and Japanese boy bands (very effeminate boy bands) like N.E.W.S.  Lastly, adorably cute teen sensation Justin Berbier currently has the number one album in America, showing just how strong this demographic is, and how important it is to get their attention for the glory of God.

What I usually like about Christian media is that they seem do a good job attracting the younger generation nowadays.  My kids are into Kids Praise!, Veggie Tales, Herbie and Friends, and Hillsong Kids.  My eldest daughter has a CD of the Christian teen pop band, Jump 5.  Many of my evangelical Christian students are huge fans of God-glorifying acts like Cutlass, Hillsong United, 7th Day Slumber, Casting Crowns, Switchfoot, 33 Miles, and others.

But it seems like the Boy Band genre has slipped under everyone’s radar.  There’s simply no Christian answer to the likes of Beiber, NEWS, Backstreet boys, etc.

Well, Christian girls rejoice, the CCF HUNKS are here!  Now you ladies can get your fill of dashing young men and honor the Lord at the same time.   Let me tell you, auditions were tough, and the criteria nearly impossible to meet: musical, Godly, irresistibly gorgeous.  Many wonderful young men from the TOUCH singles ministry had their hearts broken and their egos forever scarred because they didn’t make the cut.  But the whole process was worth it, and the HUNKS are now available to lead you into worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ and look darn good doing so!

So come on girls, check them out!  To give you a little snippet of their awesomeness, here they are with their version of

Made to Worship.  Enjoy!

Oh, by the way, today is April 1.  Gotcha!!

I was just in the mood to do something for April Fool’s Day and I remember the video of the TOUCH Singles guys goofing off during one of their seminars.  (If I’m not mistaken, they were waiting for the food to be prepared and were bored crazy…well, crazier than usual)

I hope you got a good chuckle out of this.  Would love to get your comments.


  1. Why oh why do the paragraphs stick together? They should be spaced out nicely and neatly? It looks so...well, it strains the eyes a great deal. Tried to edit it at least 3 times only to come up with the same result.

  2. hahahaha. very good. nice, carl. april fool's indeed.

  3. wow carl! i just read this. got me curious for awhile. scariest indeed! hehehe! but i love these guys! may God continue to use us for His greater glory.


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